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We all wanted to “Party Like it’s 1999” every New Years Eve and smack our fish lips like Julia Roberts did in “Pretty Woman” to the song “Kiss.” But last week we cried Purple Tears when the news that the iconic artist known as Prince suddenly passed away.  I realize Prince wasn’t country music but as you read on I think we will agree that he influenced all music genres.


Prince was a musical genius who left us with lots of memories.  Prince was one of the 1980’s era legends that gave hit songs that lasted with everyone that heard them. “1999,” was by far one of his most famous. Whether someone was singing it or someone was saying the slogan, you could be sure you would hear it at least once every New Years Eve.


Funny for me, my New Years of 1999 was spent hanging out a cabin window puking my guts up as I passed out from drinking half a bottle of Jim Beam and a 12 pack of beer in a 30 minute period. It was my first time drinking and being the sheltered teenage girl I was, I thought alcohol was like soda – you just drank it really fast! Mission accomplished! I learned my lesson and only drink but once in a blue moon. Even though it was a rough night and next day, I have always had to laugh every time I hear that lyric to the song.


Prince was born with the gift of music, coming from parents with an extensive music background. Prince’s father, Prince Rogers was a pianist and song writer while his mother was a jazz singer.[1] So of course with this triple whammy, Prince found himself selling over a 100 million records worldwide, seven Grammy’s, one Golden Globe, an inductee into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, even an Academy Award for Best Musical Score for Purple Rain. Prince was a Jack of all Trades when it came to music. Prince played over 20 different instruments on his first five albums, along with being a song writer, and a producer of the music he performed and composed. Prince handled every aspect of his career. One of the things I had respected about Prince was his passion for album sales, prohibiting music streaming sites from playing any of his music so that the fans would purchase the album from the artist.


At the news of his death, country music singers far and wide started paying their respects on social media.


People often think that just because you favor one genre of music, that’s all you listen to. WRONG! Music is music, and if it’s good, relatable or even danceable you can guarantee I am not going to care who or what kind it is. Prince wrote songs for so many different artists, but it came as a surprise to find that he even wrote a song for Kenny Rogers!  Kenny contacted Prince as a fan of his asking him if he would be willing to write a song for his 1986 album,” They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To.” Prince graciously accepted and wrote “You’re in Love” was soon recorded by Kenny himself![2]  Prince was more linked to country music than we ever thought, as a song writer and as an influence.


No artist paid homage to Prince quite like Chris Stapleton did.  Stapleton did a rendition of “Nothing Compares 2 U” a hit that Prince wrote for Sinead O’ Connor.  It just goes to show; no matter what side of the music genre we are on, we all come together as one in the end.



In the meantime, we will honor Prince for his gift to music. When any of our music faves pass, they leave a piece of them with us. What were some of your favorite Prince songs? Do you have any favorite memories that included his songs? Leave your answers in the comments I would love to see them!





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