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“When Hank brings the service, Cash leads the choir.”

church1These lyrics touch down to the root of my soul in Maren Morris’ new hit, “My Church.” If you were to cut me open, I am positive that music notes, country twang, and a long history of country music greats would pour out of me. I have been listening to country music since before I breathed air. Straight from my mother’s womb, I attended concerts of some of the greatest country music singers of that era. When people want to know what best describes who I am my answer is always, “I live and breathe country music.”


“Can I get a Hallelujah, can I get an Amen? Feels like the Holy Ghost running through you!”

“YES!” I yell at the radio, throwing my hands in the air praising God that someone FINALLY gets it! They know exactly what country music radio means to me, how it is my life, and how it has always been there like a trusted friend. “Feels like the holy ghost running thru you,” is like the feeling of someone taking your breath away, raising one hand in the air and one on your chest while you nod your head side to side just saying, “Praise God for Country Music!”


“When I play the highway FM I find my soul revival.”

church2Life is hard, and unfortunately it doesn’t come with an instruction manual.  I deal with the trials of life through country music radio. There is nothing like driving with the windows down feeling every word that pours through the radio and breathing it deep into your soul. Music can take you back to a memory – sometimes to some bad ones, but hopefully more good. My memories of drives with my Nana in her old blue Mazda pickup truck, or dancing with my Granny in the kitchen while the radio played and we spun and spun. God, what I wouldn’t give for those times all over again.  I wish I knew then how important these memories would be so I could hold on a little longer. I have found I do this more frequently as time goes on… I hold on tighter to each moment.


“When this wonderful world gets heavy and I need to find my escape.”

Country music concerts always rejuvenate me and bring me back to where I need to be.  Anytime I come home from one I feel ten pounds lighter and more on fire for what the world has to offer.  To hear your favorite songs live and singing every word loud and proud is indescribable. I love the concerts that make you leave wanting more.  Sturgill Simpson did that for me. I think I stood in awe and left saying, “I can’t believe what I just watched!” That’s what’s best about seeing your favorite music live – you come home excited about life and feeling like you are thirteen all over again. When life throws you another curve ball, turn on the radio and find your escape.


“I find holy redemption when I put this car in drive.”

Young couple driving convertible at sunset

Young couple driving convertible at sunset

As I said earlier, some of my happiest years were driving on the Interstate with my Nana listening to country radio along the way. It was always fun listening to the station for as far as it would take you, then having to turn the dial to find another station when you drove out of range. It was great listening to different DJ’s, conversations from other towns, and sometimes you find different types of country as you go from state to state. Texas has Texas Red Dirt Country, Kentucky is all about the Bluegrass, and then you get to Oregon where we love ourselves some good ole Bocephus’ “Family Tradition” followed by Luke Bryan’s “Shake it for Me.” These along the Interstate made me who I am today. Little did I know those drives would prepare me for my current career. It’s been nearly a year since I came to work at Best Country 103 and lifelong dream of being a country music DJ became a reality. I still pinch myself from time to time, and even as I write this sentence I still can’t believe this is my life. “Never in a million years did I think that would be me someday, never give up your dreams and as I always say,” I am proof dreams do come true. This is what country music means to me… this is my church.



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