COUNTRY DREAMING: I’d Rather Be Fishing…

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rikkifishThis time of year, I usually spend my day dreaming about summer time. Hot summer nights, tanks, shorts and country music festivals – but most importantly bass fishing! I fish for all kinds of fish, but to me nothing beats the hot summer sun, your feet in the water, and reeling in that (hopefully) five pound bass!  So to prep myself for my favorite time of year, I like to listen to songs about fishing! Here are some songs to help you daydream about summer nights on the lake with a fishing pole in your hand!
Robert Earl Keen  – “Five Pound Bass”
Since we are hoping for a five pound bass this summer, might as well start your fishing playlist off with one as well! I love to take the boat out, cook up some dinner and enjoy a hot summer reeling in whatever will bite my rod. I will admit I have never caught a large mouth bass, but that is my summer goal for 2016! I use all kinds of lures, from plastics to top water! I’m always searching for new ones to try to catch that Five Pound Bass!


rikkifish2 Craig Campbell – “Fish”
As much as I love to fish, sometimes it surprises me that I didn’t always like to. My dad used to take us kids out “exploring” in the woods, sometimes we would find some random fishing hole where my dad would take the poles out and stick them in the ground. He would say, “Watch your rod!” though nothing would ever happen – and when we did it was a nasty trout! Move forward to 2010 when I started fishing for Steelhead, Salmon, and Bass. I have never wanted to stop fishing since!


 Maddie and Tae – “Shut Up and Fish”
“Shut Up and Fish” is a new hit on Best Country 103, and if you are a fisher girl like me than this is probably your jam. The common stereotype is true: when a girl say’s she likes to fish, all of a sudden you are his dream girl. Maddie and Tae sing the lyrics perfectly for all fisher women who want to get out and fish but their guy won’t leave their lips alone! Just tell those boys, “Shut Up and Fish!”


rikkifish232 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – “Fishin’ in the Dark”
“Fishin’ in the Dark” has always been a favorite of mine.  It’s an oldie but a goodie that’s ready to send you into happy land.  This song has a good vibe and great lyrics – so if you’re not at least tapping your feet than you are probably dead! Sometimes it’s so surreal listening to it, knowing that when I grew up I wouldn’t just enjoy this song but relate to it as well.  So the next time you’re out fishing, make sure to take along Nittty Gritty Dirt Band. I hear the fish love it!


 Little Big Town – “Pontoon”
pontoonI realize that this song isn’t about fishing, and that the pontoon Little Big Town is referring to is actually a party boat. But if you fish like I do, than you know when I think of a pontoon I think of the little ones you float down the river on. This is my favorite Bass fishing song and when I hear it on the radio I always turn it up and fantasize me fishing the river! That wish has come true, though my lack of rowing experience sent me into a quick educational course complete with getting stuck in front of a diving rescue team. By the end of the trip, all was well and plenty of fish were caught!


Alton Jones- “Sittin’ Here Wishin’ I was Fishin’”
I can’t tell you how many times I have sat at various jobs of mine thinking to myself, “I’d rather be fishing!”  I wanted to make a shirt about it, but someone beat me to it. While working there is always something that you would rather be doing, but for me it’s reeling in bass or struggling to pull in that Salmon. Either way, I am usually sitting here wishing I was fishing!


rikkifish4Trace Adkins – “Just Fishin”
The one thing, besides country music, that comes before fishing is my kiddos! I have been blessed to live here in Oregon where the rivers are beautiful and stocked with plenty of different kinds of fish.  There is nothing like spending quality time on the water with your kids taking pictures of every fish that was caught! I will always remember fishing on the river bank with my daughter, Cheyanne, when she caught what we call Key Chain Bass. This is a very tiny bass but she thought that was the biggest fish that was ever landed.  Its years later, and now my son Jason is happily obsessed with fishing. I couldn’t be a prouder mom. “If they are fishing they are staying out of trouble!”


rikkigishThere are a lot of great country fishing songs; so many that I am going to send you out on the search to find the rest! From Justin Moore’s “Bait a Hook”, to the all time favorite of most fishermen, Brad Paisley’s, “I’m Gonna Miss Her!”  The groundhog saw his shadow and is calling for an early spring – to me that means fishing! Springer Salmon Season followed by wonderful bass fishing in the sunshine! I would love to see your photos of some of the fish you have caught! In the meantime I hope you have a wonderful fishing season complete with your new playlist! Fish on!

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