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I’ve been racking my brain for the last week on what to write for a Valentine’s Day themed blog; I think I have typed and deleted this line enough times that even my computer is wearing thin.  Love is my least favorite word yet it is tattooed on my body.  You live you learn and the same goes for that awful four letter word that goes along with it. I have thought of a million titles, “Country Music’s Greatest Love Stories,” to even saying “Here you go here’s a mix tape for you!”; as like for many others, Valentine’s Day isn’t my favorite holiday and I want to go with the typical, “Love Stinks” attitude! Then it dawned on me, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about lovers buying each other gifts and pretending to love each other more than every other day.

I did a web search to find exactly what Valentine’s Day means. Of course, I first went to Google and it gave me a long, descriptive, and more than I wanted to read definition. I then took my search to Urban Dictionary and of course came up with some of the most relatable definitions; such as:

  1. Holiday maliciously created to make lonely people extremely depressed.
  2. A corporate conspiracy conceived by candy makers, rose growers, lingerie stores, and jewelers to get people to spend money on junk.

Those sound legit. I used to work in retail and I have lost a lot of interest in holidays. I saw how a lot of people would buy a ton of gifts for each holiday, some even for the silliest of holidays. There is more meaning to Valentine’s Day and Love then just gifts; people want to know they are loved and cared for each and every day. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving gifts. To see the joy on another’s face when they open the gift you’ve gotten can’t be beaten…  or can it?


Phil Vassar –Love is a Beautiful Thing

“Love is a Beautiful Thing”, or so Phil Vassar sings. It speaks of marriages young and old, back when people valued marriages; yeah, you see your few here and there, but it seems that more and more these days people have lost the art of “Courting” or even how to treat each other while in a relationship. Respect! Respect is what it comes down to – plain and simple. The Golden Rule, “Do Unto Others as You Would Want Done Unto Yourself!” If you want a long happy marriage, then just have respect. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want done to you! Love and relationships are really that simple. It all comes down to respect.

I originally thought of making a mix tape for the love birds full of country music’s greatest There are some legendary love stories who have their roots in Country Music. Johnny and June is my favorite of all time country music love stories.  They were engaged in front of a live audience of 7,000 people back in 1968. Johnny and June toured together from that point on – 35 years to be exact – until June Carter Cash passed away in 2003.[1] Johnny died four months later, of what I am sure was a broken heart. They had this amazing chemistry on and off the stage, performing songs from town to town of life, love, and even the gospel!  My favorite of all time was “Jackson” you can hear the love between them. June brought the light to Johnny’s darkness. That is what “Love” should be -to empower one another , not tear each other down or do things out of insecurity. Insecurity instills fear, which leads to lots of relationship problems. If you want a love like Johnny and June, you need to show love not just say “Love”.

 Johnny and June Cash: “Jackson”


While speaking with an office mate on her thoughts on Country Music Love songs, she said, “You know Rikki, it’s not the love songs that made me like country music, it’s the break up songs.” She spoke of the connection she found in country music and how it’s so relatable to what she was or is going through. Carrie Underwood sang it best with her hit, “Before he Cheats,” a song where a girl finds out his man is cheating and she jacks his truck up a million ways to Sunday. Of course, I would never recommend acting like a crazy lady, but hey, sometimes love just drives you there. Carrie isn’t the first one we have heard sing some great revenge songs, Miranda Lambert has a ton, but none take the cake as much as Loretta Lynn’s “Fist City”!  “If you don’t wanna go to fist city, you’d better detour around my town, Cause I’ll lift you by the hair of the head and I’ll lift you off the ground!”

 Carrie Underwood: “Before he Cheats”


Loretta Lynn: “Fist City”


Honestly when I think of love, I think of all the things I love. My children, my family, my friends, Country Music and even fishing are the many loves of my life. Yes, I think love stinks sometimes, but then I am filled with joy for those who love and respect me every day.  I can say that no matter how many bad apples life has thrown my direction, I have been truly blessed with many loves of my life. A holiday should never deter you from what really matters, and especially one about “Love.” It should just be a way to show your loved ones what you show them all the time. Flowers, Candy and Teddy Bears don’t say, “I Love You”! Respect shows you love someone and that you care about their feelings.  Love is really that simple. It’s not complicated, it’s not unreachable, and it’s not dead! This Valentine’s Day, don’t just give the usual lame card with meaningless words. Don’t be impersonal. This isn’t something that happens once a year, but all year round. You’re not going to find the love of your life, if you’re a dud yourself! Always strive for a love like Johnny and June’s!

 Heidi Newfield: “Johnny and June”







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