Bye Bye Balloons…

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I’m sure you noticed that we utilize balloons at our many station events. Balloons make us smile. They are fun and come in cool colors. The problem? The floating orbs of wonder we remember as children are going extinct! Was there ever a birthday party or a trip to the zoo that DIDN’T include one end of a ribbon attached to your wrist while the other tethered a latex ball of joy?? Soon, it will all be a distant, fading memory. Not balloons, of course, but the helium that lifted our balloons and our spirits! There is a massive helium shortage (and oddly enough a chipmunk-voice shortage, as well) sweeping the world. There is no end in sight. Experts and clowns warn that in the next 4-6 years all the helium will be gone. No more. Thankfully water balloons and balloon animals are safe from this creeping tragedy. The shortage will hit all of us differently, and at different times. Either as you are preparing to celebrate your child’s 6th birthday party, trying to prank your boss’ office by tying every item on his desk to a levitating device, or attaching 70 of the peaceful, quiet problem solvers to your neighbor’s yippy pet Chihuahua…it will strike  you…it’s gone. Enjoy the floating happiness while you are able, and when that moment of realization hits…know that Smith & Wesson are here for you. Like…really…truly here for you…Hang in there (no pun intended).

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